Sustainability at Paulsen's

Our sustainable company culture – a topic close to our heart!


We support sustainability through

  • Mutual respect
  • Health training and environmental training
  • Further education
  • Coaching
  • Long-term employee retention
  • Fair payment and flexible working hours
  • Environmentally-friendly products and behaviour
  • Fair purchasing and fair prices 

We document our actions, measure and evaluate our successes – for a better quality of life for us all. 


Our employees have fully supported our "Sustainability" initiative from the beginning and our aim of becoming a "sustainable hotel".

They accept this responsibility in their respective areas and constantly monitor all processes for environmental compatibility and sustainability. 


This includes consuming regional products, respecting our culture, saving energy, protecting our heritage and using environmentally-friendly mobility. 


We are real North Frisians: 

We don’t spend too much time chatting, we get on with things: 


In our restaurant ... 

  • All food is derived almost exclusively from regional suppliers, including:
    • Bread from the Bohmstedter Knusperbäcker Jöns bakery
    • Honey from our own beehives
    • Biscuits from grandma Christa
    • North Sea fish from aquaculture
  • We handle our food with respect
  • We order beverages almost exclusively from regional suppliers
  • We use returnable bottles and buy fairly
  • We reduce paper consumption to a minimum
  • We reduce and separate waste
  • We aim our focus on zero waste enjoyment in the future

Throughout the hotel ...

  • We use certified environmentally-friendly cleaning agents
  • We offer our guests environmentally-friendly products
  • We send our washing to an ISO 14001-certified company
  • We reduce paper consumption to a minimum
  • We offer great tips and offers for leisure and fitness activities where regional culture and nature can be experienced

Mobility for us is healthy exercise in the fresh North Sea air ...

  • We rent out bicycles and e-bicycles to explore the neighbourhood
  • Our bicycles are sourced from the local Bredstedt bicycle factory
  • We provide our guests with a specially designed and personally experienced cycling tour map

Energy ...

  • Is produced here from biogas and district heating
  • Is a big issue here in our village, because we live in a “Renewable energy village”

Country food