“Everything in good time. It is always a good time for a party.” 


We have lovingly decorated our party room – de Deel – for your event. It is the perfect location for your very personal country party, large and air-conditioned! We offer you the perfect surroundings for special occasions and family parties, whether they are birthdays or (wedding) anniversaries. We look after the comfort of your guests with attention and care for details.


We can also create the right atmospheres for company parties or Christmas parties, make you and your guests happy with a beautifully spread table and, if outdoors, light up an unforgettable atmosphere with our flickering fire baskets. We know how to make your celebrations successful.


Our chef and his team can cater for and pamper up to 160 people. And, if you then want to stay the night, you can fall asleep listening to the soft susurration of the wind, then start the coming day with a delightful breakfast in the country.


Country Feel