The North Sea is close, but not yet visible. The scent of freshly mown grass blows over the flat land. North Friesland is a region full of diversity and contrasts, characterised by the endless horizons of the landscape and ocean, the dikes dotted with innumerable sheep and lambs, beaches that stretch for kilometres, maritime flair and the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site. 


You can catch a good sense of this charming region and idyllic villages during a cycling holiday with your own or one of our e-bicycles. Whilst picnicking, you will fall in love with the endless daisies or enjoy the clouds scudding past during a hike across the mudflats. 


The “Halligen” – tidal islands surrounded and sometimes flooded by the sea – and also known as floating dreams, are quite close and can be easily reached during a day trip. They are unique worldwide. Other suitable day trip destinations could be Amrum – island of freedom, Föhr – the Frisian Caribbean, or Syltan, the “Queen of the North Sea”. 


The North Sea town of Husum on the mainland stands out with maritime flair and as the centre for wind energy. Flensburg is famous for its Rum Regatta and as the gateway to Denmark. The idyllic town of Sonderborg is just a stone’s throw away from here. At the end of the Baltic Sea fjord Schlei, Schleswig impressively presents the Viking world, while the sailing city of Kiel hosts the largest sailing event in the world, ocean liners on the fjord and the entrance to the most travelled man-made channel in the world – the Kiel Canal. These are just a few of the sightseeing destinations that your “home between the seas” can offer you. 


And, nature is close at hand for you at all times ...


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