Country Flair – Welcome to Paulsen's





"We can´t change the wind,  but we can set the sails differently" (Aristotle)


Dear guests and friends of Paulsen’s
The current situation, in particular the continuing shortage of staff in the hospitality industry, does not stop at us.

Therefore, it will be held on

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
the restaurant is only open to house guests.
Then there will be a small dinner menu.



 at Paulsen's! Our employees have fully supported our "Sustainability" initiative from the beginning and our aim of becoming a "sustainable hotel"; they accept this responsibility in their respective areas and constantly monitor all processes for environmental compatibility and sustainability.


Country Feel


The name Paulsen has stood for warm hospitality since 1880.


Paulsen’s Landhotel and Restaurant features welcoming highlights such as light-flooded rooms, bright wood,

beautiful fabrics and delicious surprises for the palate and eyes.

Allow us to spoil you – whether you are here on holiday, for a weekend or when you come to us for a celebration.


To us, luxury lies in simplicity and authenticity. Luxury is above all also a healthy way of life for us.

This means that we view our country lifestyle here on the North Sea as a culture and as a source of inner satisfaction.

This includes our love for our region and, essentially, a conscious, simple and respectful handling of this treasure - our nature.

Because our home has always been here between the seas on the green coastal road.


This is why we aim to be a “sustainable hotel” and follow the principles of the German Sustainability Code.

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